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Listen: Kelela releases new album Raven

10 Feb 2023

Heartbreak and R&B have historically always matched. On her new album Raven Kelela takes the archetype and translates it to a club setting.

The music of Kelela has always been simultaneously suited for a packed club event and an intimate listening session at home. Now, 6 years after the release of her debut album Take Me Apart (2017), Kelela has added a new chapter to her signature sound with a new album. On Raven, Kelela strays into club territory as we saw in earlier work, but now the context is different. The breakbeats and jungle references on Happy Ending are distant, and at times almost drowned out. To come back into view when the listener least expects it. Taking you on a gentle rollercoaster ride, with your head bopping along the way.

Also involved in the production for Raven is another Rewire guest: none other than LSDXOXO - who will play Rewire on Friday 7th of April - who produced 5 tracks on the album. 

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Kelela plays Rewire on Sunday 9 April.