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Listen: Four new releases by Rewire 2024 artists

25 Apr 2024

We couldn't be more grateful for the diverse array of artists who have shaped the mind-bending experience which was Rewire 2024, redefining the festival’s boundaries over four unforgettable days. Down below we’re pleased to introduce four remarkable releases from Rewire 2024 artists, each challenging the boundaries of sonic exploration, revealing the infinite nuances and endless possibilities of experimental music. Enjoy!


Shoot The Engine ا​ق​ت​ُ​ل​ْ ا​ل​د​ا​ف​ع by Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy

Their evocative performance at Rewire 2024, induced a suspension of time that left audiences immersed in an enchanting atmosphere. As t-mag wrote: ‘The evocative sounds of Carl Gari, intertwining with the power of Abdullah Miniawy's words, transformed the Paard's hall into a sanctuary of reflection and contemplation.’ Soon after the presentation of their new 12-track LP in a world premier performance, the Egyptian-German collective come back together with Shoot The Engine ا​ق​ت​ُ​ل​ْ ا​ل​د​ا​ف​ع, set to be released on May 9th via Amphibian Record. 

Listen to Shoot The Engine ا​ق​ت​ُ​ل​ْ ا​ل​د​ا​ف​ع on Bandcamp:


Lone by Tadleeh

Tadleeh captivated the Rewire audience with an exclusive preview of her latest album Lone, conveying its emotive depth and sonic complexity in a full live performance. Released on April 3rd on label YOUTH, Lone is a treasure trove of glistening sounds, blending ambient, dark wave, electronic, and chamber pop elements into a mesmerizing tapestry of sound. “In Lone, you’ll be shackled between chorals and techno kicks. The album should carry you through my many different approaches.” – Tadleeh

Listen to Lone on Bandcamp:


Offcuts and Oddities Vol. 2 by Shovel Dance Collective 

In the landscape of contemporary folk music, Shovel Dance Collective emerges as a refreshing gust of innovation, blending tradition with experimentation. Their latest release, Offcuts and Oddities Vol. 2, released on April 18th, makes the second installment in their album-length mixtape series. This eclectic collection stitches together live recordings, voice notes, and cassette tape experiments, offering listeners a glimpse into the band's creative process and sonic explorations. In a recent interview with Rewire, they speak about these elaborate processes of recording as entwined with their music practice: “We’re always standing on the shoulders of giants in the world of traditional music, and the quality of archival recordings play such a part in how we understand older musical forms. Playing with layering spaces, different qualities, the inherent mistakes held in cassette tape recordings is all a part of this obsession, convening with ghosts somehow. [..] Listening is the sense that I think lends itself most keenly to these time-based and multilayered concerns.”

Listen to Offcuts and Oddities Vol. 2 on Bandcamp


The Hollow by Keeley Forsyth 

Forsyth's transition from acting to music over four years ago has been nothing short of remarkable. At Rewire 2024, amidst the stunning architecture of Grote Kerk, Keeley Forsyth mesmerized audiences with the world premiere of her latest creation, The Hollow. On the moving audiovisual performance, Loud and Quiet wrote: “Forsyth has one of those indelible voices that, once heard, is never forgotten, and the strange, erratic physicality of her stagecraft has a similarly long tail.” Forsyth filled the expansive venue with a haunting beauty, accompanied by stunning visuals by director and video artist Netia Jones. The album features remarkable collaborations with Matthew Bourne bringing his mastery of piano and synths, while Colin Stetson's innovative musical style harmonizes flawlessly with Forsyth's otherworldly vocals. Described by London Jazz News as "rich and velveteen," her voice filled the space with “blissful darkness” leaving an indelible impression on all who were fortunate enough to witness it.

Listen to The Hollow on Bandcamp:

Photos: Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy and Shovel Dance Collective by Mees Trouwborst, Tadleeh by Jack Parker, Keeley Forsyth by Alex Heuvink