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Listen: Ecko Bazz releases new album 'Mmaso'

18 Mar 2022

Merging the sounds of hardcore UK grime with dancehall, American trap and ferocious Lugandan lyrical style, the Ugandan rapper Ecko Bazz has become a unique phenomenon exploding onto the Eastern Africa hip hop and grime scene. Check out his brand new album 'Mmaso', released via Ugandan label Hakuna Kulala.

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His explosive debut album Mmaso is a hard-hitting tour-de-force that interrogates violence, religion, drug abuse and poverty in Uganda through the lens of Ecko Bazz’ distinctive musical personality. Mmaso is driven by Ecko Bazz's kinetic performance on the mic. The rapper alternates freely between sober truths and hyperactive screams, flipping between intensity from verse to verse. Kenyan club futurist Slikback, who also performs at Rewire 2022, is also billed on the album as one of the producers of the abrasive rap cuts.

Listen to 'Mmaso' in full here:

Listen on bandcamp

Watch the video for 'Mugulu E'yo' here:

Watch "ECKO BAZZ - Mugulu E'yo" by "Nyege Nyege Music" on

Ecko Bazz performs live on Saturday 9 April at Rewire 2022.