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Listen: Crack Mix 563 - Tadleeh

25 Mar 2024

Crack Mix 563: Tadleeh brings us into the profound realm of underground club music with bold and kinetic electronic sounds. The Indian-born, italian based DJ and producer, announced her debut album Lone, out on YOUTH on March 3rd.

Tadleeh has crafted numerous mixes for independent radios like NTS, Rinse FM, Radio Alhara, and Noods, where she curated her own residency program, collaborating with artists such as Umfang, STILL, Fela Gucci, and NKISI. In 2023 she released her new EP Dribbling, a four-track record navigating through melancholic synths and poignant chants, blending beats, and drums, alongside abstract concepts and material field. Exclusively at Rewire, Tadleeh will present her forthcoming album Lone live in full. The album's first extracted track, “Liquid as Moon” anticipated an enchanting tangle of sounds woven from diverse influences and textures. 

“This mix aims to recall a club experience recorded during a rainy afternoon in my room. I’ve always been a bass music lover. My DJ style moves between dub, break, techno and tribal sounds, all connected to each other.” 

Listen to Crack Mix 563: Tadleeh here:

Tadleeh performs at Rewire 2024 on Friday 5 April