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Listen: Arushi Jain releases second album Delight

01 Apr 2024

Delight, Arushi Jain’s follow-up to 2021’s debut LP Under the Lilac Sky, is out on Leaving Records. Her first album seamlessly focused on re-contextualizing traditional Indian classical music by combining it with modular synths and electronic instrumentation. With Delight, she broadens her experimental practice to explore new areas of creative focus.

Arushi Jain is a multi-talented artist and musician (composer, vocalist, engineer, modular synthesist) who innovatively blends the sounds and aesthetics of contemporary experimental electronic music to channel, celebrate, and reinterpret traditional Indian idioms. In each of her albums, widely utilizes voice and thematic elements deeply rooted in the culture. In Delight, however, she explores different aspects of human experience and emotion through distinct approaches. While Under the Lilac Sky invites listeners to engage with its melodies and textures in relation to the outer world, Delight delves into the depths of human longing and connection. In Delight, Jain incorporates samples from classical guitar, cello, marimba, flute, and saxophone, weaving them together with intricate synth patterns to create a rich tapestry of sounds. Each of the album's nine tracks is infused with the essence of Raga Bageshri, a classical Indian melodic framework, capturing the emotional depth and complexity of this musical tradition. This type of classical raga seeks to evoke the feeling of anticipation and longing, mirroring the theme of waiting to reunite with a beloved. 

“Bageshri embodies the realization that you have unknowingly fallen deeply in love. It triggers within me immense devotion, juxtaposed with a poignant acknowledgement of suffering; for love as immense is often challenging to reciprocate.” Arushi Jain in 

Listen to Arushi Jain - Delight on Bandcamp: 

Arushi Jain performs live at Rewire 2024 on Sunday 7 April