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Listen: A week full of new releases ahead of the festival

31 Mar 2023

With just a week to go until Rewire 2023, we treat you to new music by Rewire artists once again. This week Steve Gunn & David Moore’s album Let the Moon Be a Planet, and Tzusing’s new album 绿帽 Green Hat saw the light of day. Get to know both releases below and prepare for the artists' performances in The Hague.

Steve Gunn and David Moore

This morning today Steve Gunn and David Moore released their 8-track album Let the Moon Be a Planet via RVNG Intl, on which the guitar virtuosity of Gunn interacts with the electroacoustic minimalism of Moore.

The album documents an inspired exchange between guitarist and songwriter Steve Gunn and pianist and composer David Moore of Bing & Ruth. Let the Moon Be a Planet initially took form over a progression of remote sessions and ultimately harmonised when Gunn and Moore completed the album together in the bucolic surroundings of Hudson, New York. The album lets you relive the intimate moments shared between two artists finding their way along a single path, and into a world where the most subtle of gestures can ripple for an eternity.

Let the Moon Be a Planet marks the first instalment of RVNG Intl.’s Reflections series, a curated cycle of collaborative works with a portion of proceeds benefitting the food security non-profit benefit St. John’s Bread and Life.

Listen to Let the Moon Be a Planet

During Rewire 2023, Steve Gunn & David Moore present their new album as a brand new live show.


After previously sharing 趁人之危 (Take Advantage) and 偶像包袱 (Idol Baggage), Tzusing finally released his 12-track counting album 绿帽 Green Hat via PAN. On the album, strange harmonic textures, voice samples and deep percussion serve as a language to creatively question China’s social structures. 

 On his new album the Malaysian-born artist, who lives between Shanghai and Taipei, meditates on China's complicated history of patriarchal heteronormativity, and how these archaic double standards continue to dominate the culture in pervasive, often invisible ways. Tzusing attempts to question these structures using a level of aesthetic anxiety and thematic intensity that's hard to ignore. While 绿帽 Green Hat unashamedly leans into its layered concept, the album never loses its well-rehearsed dancefloor momentum. From the manic uptempo roll of 'Exascale' to the gurgling combination of wheezing voices and downtempo rhythms on Suda collaboration 'Cloud Tunnel'.

Listen to 绿帽 Green Hat

During Rewire 2023, Tzusing will close the night programme on Saturday 8 April at PAARD I with an energetic and trade-marked DJ set. The day after, on Sunday 9 April, Tzusing will be in conversation with RA's editor Chloe Lula, as they sit down to discuss his artistic practice.

Wacław Zimpel

In the seven years since the release of his debut solo album, ‘Lines’, Wacław Zimpel has developed from his idiosyncratic approach to jazz to growing into a potent and inventive force in the field of electronic music.

‘Train Spotter’ was created for a specific brief from The City of Warsaw: to capture the Sound of the City of Warsaw. But, as Zimpel soon found out, the sounds of a city don’t exist in isolation; they’re part of a wider environment that is itself undergoing upheaval against a background of internal and external forces.

Spread over six tracks, the manipulated samples are blended with Zimpel’s own electronic production flourishes and playing to create a seamless blend that’s uniquely his. Recording a variety of mechanised and repetitive sounds including tramlines, baggage carousels and bouncing basketballs in municipal parks among manyother found sources, Zimpel fed the results through a host electronic equipment including synthesisers, keyboards and plug-ins.

Listen to Train Spotter

Wacław Zimpel plays Rewire together with Ben Kreukniet on Sunday 9 April.