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Experience all the Rewire 2022 events with free admission

03 Apr 2022

Rewire 2022 offers a variety of experiences and activities that don’t require a festival or day pass. Check out the concerts, shows and installations that are accessible for the general public with free admission. 

On the eve of this year’s festival, the Royal Conservatoire presents a special prelude concert with free admittance on the 7th of April in the Ensemble Hall of the Royal Conservatoire in Amare. The programme, labeled The Garden of Ryoan-gi, offers a retrospective of the nearly complete piano (keyboard) oeuvre of the late composer Louis Andriessen. Also on Thursday night, the festival’s discourse programme commences with two freely accessible online talks. First, Luis Manuel Garcia-Mispireta will deliver a keynote on his notion of ‘Stranger Intimacy’ and will offer an introduction to affect theory and its relationship to sound and music. Artists Stine Janvin & Ula Sickle will follow with a discussion on connectivity, memory, touch and other senses that filter into their performance Echoic Choir, which they present during Rewire 2022.

In addition to this, the entire Rewire 2022 Discourse Programme, taking place across multiple venues, is free to access. The programme, which is grouped under three themes - NOISE, RITUAL and AFFECT - features talks, discussions, readings, listenings and screenings. Check out the full discourse programme here.

Throughout the festival you can experience the exhibition Proximity Music: Sensing After Thought, which offers a selection of artworks by international and local artists in and around the new Amare cultural centre in The Hague. The scheduled performances and installations temporarily inhabit the multi-layered foyers and the surrounding streets, producing incidental events that function both as discontinuities or disturbances as well as channels to create new connections.

Just outside of Amare, the iconic Spuiplein in the city centre of The Hague will be transformed on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 April into the site of a sonic experience that channels sounds sourced from The Hague by a variety of composers, sound artists, students and pupils. This immersive installation called Sounding The Spui raises questions about what kind of sounds the city of The Hague produces. All kinds of audience are welcome to experience the installation: invitees and passersby, experts and amateurs, young and old.

If you’re interested in some dancing, head over to record store 3345 on Saturday 9 April for the Rewire x Carhartt WIP in-store. The event is freely accessible and bills aya (dj-set), Torus, Yeong Die & LazerGazer. The sets will also be livestreamed on the socials of 3345. Come over to listen to some tunes or to shop the limited edition Carhartt WIP x Rewire 2022 shirts. 3345 is also selling vinyl and merch throughout Rewire at various festival locations.

As part of Rewire's year-round Education programme, Rewire also presents the interactive installation Plastic Healing Altar for children 5 years and up, by artist and musician Roos Pollmann. This installation will also feature a walk-in workshop that focuses on the theme of sound and ritual. This educational afternoon programme is open to the public for free in the central library of The Hague.