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Central Imaginary District at The Month of Architecture

11 Sep 2020

In 2019, British-Dutch artist Justin Bennett created ‘Central Imaginary District’, a specially-commissioned sound walk experience for Rewire. Now, this soundwalk is part of “The Month of Architecture”- a month long programme revolving around architecture in The Hague- available for you to explore in your own time. Combining spatial recordings, found sounds, archival material and interviews with residents, the soundwalk responds to The Hague’s latest development project, ‘Central Innovation District’.

QR-codes have been placed in different spaces in the Central Innovation District, making this soundwalk completely interactive. Scan the QR codes and listen to the audio on your phone on the route and discover the dreams and fears of residents for the future of their city in this unique sound experience. The CID is the area between and around The Hague Central, Hollands Spoor and Laan van NOI stations. What are the long-term ideas of this urban development strategy that extend far into the future? How does the democratic process work? Let yourself be guided through this part of the city that currently only exists in the imagination.

PLEASE NOTE: This sound walk is in Dutch and headphones and a mobile phone with data connection are required.

Find out more information about the soundwalk, and the rest of The Month of Architecture in The Hague via