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Arooj Aftab and Lucrecia Dalt to play 20th edition of Rewire x Korzo

10 Aug 2022

The Rewire x Korzo concert series, a collaboration launched in 2016 between Rewire festival and Korzo, will reach its 20th edition on Friday 25 November. For this special occasion, two celebrated artists will take the stage: New York-based Pakistani vocalist and composer Arooj Aftab and Berlin-based Colombian artist Lucrecia Dalt.

Arooj Aftab will perform her liminal sound that floats between classical minimalism, new age and electronic trance, jazz structures, and states of pure being. On Vulture Prince, Aftab’s latest acclaimed album for which she was awarded with the Grammy Award for Best New Artist, the composer’s remarkable voice transports listeners to worlds once known. Lucrecia Dalt is presenting a new duo show centred around her upcoming album ¡Ay!, which will arrive in October via RVNG Intl. On this record Dalt channels innate sensory echoes of growing up in Colombia, where traditional instrumentation encounters adventurous impulse and sci-fi meditations atemporality in an exclamation of liminal delight.

Tickets are available now!

About Arooj Aftab:

Arooj Aftab is a Grammy winning, Brooklyn-based Pakistani composer, songwriter and vocalist. Her liminal sound floats between classical minimalism and new age, electronic trance, jazz structures and states of pure being. Aftab’s latest offering, Vulture Prince, has been praised in President Barack Obama’s Summer Playlist, best releases of 2021 lists by The Guardian, 6Music, NPR, Pitchfork, TIME, Uncut, Songlines Magazine and has received unprecedented critical acclaim.

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About Lucrecia Dalt:

Tracing a timeline of Lucrecia Dalt’s sonic trajectory is an elusive endeavour. As a musician, sound artist, performer, and composer, Dalt has traversed a myriad of musical portals, relaying innate sensory impulses and excavated references into luminous constellations. Shimmering with modulation and the incandescent tones of her voice, Dalt’s compositions summon magnetic atmospheres in her distinctive, and ever-expanding, universe of sound.

Following the acclaimed releases of Anticlines (2018) and No era sólida (2020) as part of the RVNG Intl. family, Dalt returns in 2022 with her eighth solo album ¡Ay! – conjuring a new realm where her signature experimentation and treasured early influences meld together. Glimmers of her musical origins, also diffused through her previous records, are cast by spectres of growing up in Colombia, where a spectrum of tropical music genres formed a part of her surrounding environments.

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