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Spotlight: Lotic presents 'Water'

Ahead of Lotic’s much-anticipated live performance of Water, accompanied by a brass trio, at Rewire x Korzo on 11 June, get a taste of what to expect below.

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Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Lotic has been fortifying her forceful sound and dominating the Berlin electronic music scene for nearly a decade. On her second album Water, released on Houndstooth, she says: “this is the record I always wanted to write. This feels like my arrival as an artist.”  After impressing at Rewire 2019, Lotic returns to The Hague for Rewire x Korzo on 11 June. Don’t miss the chance to finally catch the performance of this stunning new live show.

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Within Water, Lotic’s compositions curve around the sub bass of an 808, with vibrations and hums superseding clarity and separation. Drums are softened to a powdery warmth, and each chapter unfolds as a symphonic sound poem. Heartful depictions of love relationships to others and the self, to ancestry and identity, are marked by stunning new expressions of ecstatic voices. Check out Bandcamp’s feature on the album here.

Watch the video for ‘Emergency’ here:

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‘Water’ followed a gradual artistic shift first seen in her 2018 debut LP ‘Power’, in which her voice began to take centre stage in her productions. Tiptoeing the line between exuberance and sheer terror, Power saw Lotic tap into a more personal narrative than her previous club-oriented work. The album was much lauded critically, with the likes of Pitchfork heaping praise. Listen to ‘Power here:

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We were previously lucky enough to welcome Lotic to perform at Rewire 2019, where she presented her ambitious audio-visual show ‘Endless power’ with visual artist Emmanuel Biard. Co-produced by Rewire, ‘Endless Power’ explored the many ways in which power can be expressed and experienced.

Watch FACT’s video about ‘Endless Power’ here:

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 Lotic presents ‘Water’ and Jessy Lanza also performs live at Rewire x Korzo on Saturday 11 June. Get your tickets here.