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Spotlight: Lorenzo Senni's 'Scacco Matto'

Lorenzo Senni’s debut album ‘Scacco Matto’, released in April via Warp, has been widely met with critical acclaim. As he was due to present the world premiere of the album at Rewire 2020, we now highlight the Italian purveyor of pointillistic trance. Check out a full stream of his new record, interviews, a review and his recent show on NTS.

‘Scacco Matto’ is a continuation of Senni’s distinctive “pointillistic” style – where gated, taut sounds are arranged relentlessly as drumless rhythms and melody, which this time come in more song based structures. The Guardian made Scacco Matto their album of the week in April following its release, giving it a four-star review. Ben Beaumont Thomas writes:

“This music, and indeed all of Senni’s work that deals with that pre-drop tension, is even more poetic when club culture has been silenced during the coronavirus crisis. We’re all waiting for the beat to come back in, and Senni’s work inadvertently hymns this sad moment while encouraging us to look for the poignancy in it.”

Read the Guardian review in full here

Senni recently had an exclusive show on NTS radio in which he dissected ‘Scacco Matto’, fielding questions from fans and discussing in further detail his creative process in the lead up to the album, as well as sharing some of the tracks that inspired it. Listen to the show in full here:


Appealing to ravers craving a return to club culture, Lorenzo Senni joined Paper Magazine to provide his own ‘Guide to Trance’. In an interview in which he further discusses his singular vision and approach to crafting ‘Scacco Matto’, he also assembles a playlist of his favourite trance records that serve a healthy dose of rave nostalgia.

Check out some of his favourite trance records here

For those who are yet to experience ‘Scacco Matto’ in full, you can stream this excellent album in full here:

Listen on bandcamp

Photo credit: John Divola