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Spotlight: Jessy Lanza’s enchanting club-pop

Canadian vocalist and producer Jessy Lanza has been connecting the dots between forward-thinking club music and vibrant pop songwriting for nearly a decade. Before she joins us at Rewire x Korzo on 11 June, get to know some of her work below.

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Having broken through in 2013 with ‘Pull My Hair Back’, her excellent debut on tastemaking UK electronic label Hyperdub, follow-up Oh No reinforced her reputation as one of the brightest innovators of contemporary pop and R&B. Listen to both of these releases here:

Listen on bandcamp

Listen on bandcamp

During this edition of Rewire x Korzo, Lanza will mostly perform material from her latest album All the Time, a triumphant joyride through Lanza’s sound world, combining her signature footwork-paced ballads with glittering synth work and unique vocal manipulations. On the album, Lanza explains: ‘Even though All the Time was written in 2019 the themes feel even more relevant now. Like a lot of people, I’m still struggling with the reality that life is hard to predict and it’s even harder not to make the same mistakes over again, trying to control what I’m able to and leave the rest.’

Listen to ‘All The Time’ here:

Listen on bandcamp

Check out Jessy Lanza’s live performance on KEXP in december:

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