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Spotlight: Haron & Anne Veinberg

Ahead of Rewire x Korzo #19 on Friday 22nd January 2021, introduce yourself to the gently unfurling music of Dutch producer Haron before he performs live at the event with pianist Anne Veinberg. The last tickets for this event are available at

Dutch producer and ambient composer Haron’s mesmerising breakout debut album ‘Wandelaar’, released on Dutch label Queeste in 2018, solidified his reputation in the Netherlands and beyond as an exciting and versatile artist. Having previously released a number of excellent club-oriented EP’s, the album gestured a shift in his career, as he abandoned beats altogether, crafting soothing, delicate ambient compositions that evoke a range of moods whilst upholding a cinematic quality. ‘Wandelaar’ was received as one of the better releases of 2018, with Pitchfork describing it as “a canny stylistic shift for Haron, and a wonderful first record from Queeste: a minor miracle disguised as a soundtrack to a catnap.” Listen to ‘Wandelaar’ in full here:

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Equally comfortable in crafting hard-hitting, intricate club tracks, his recent EP ‘Taxa’ was released on Queeste as well. The release showed a return to the frenetic tempo that characterised his earlier work as a producer, whilst retaining the evocative nature of his ambient productions. Listen to ‘Taxa’ below:

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Haron’s aptitude as a collaborator has also been shown through his multiple releases on BAKK’s Plafond series. The most recent was with Cucina Povera, who performed at Rewire x Korzo #17 in October. Their joint-release ‘Plafond 6’ combined the folkloric and the futurist, with the cinematic long-form composition ‘Riffittelyä’ a particular highlight. Listen here:

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During Rewire x Korzo, Haron performs alongside classically trained pianist Anne Veinberg, with Haron generating atmospheric electronic soundscapes whilst Veinberg plays piano. An active soloist, improviser, chamber and large ensemble player, Veinberg frequently collaborates with electronic composers, such as at Rewire 2019 where she previously performed with Haron.

Veinberg is one half of the electro-acoustic live-coding duo ‘off⦓⦔zz’, where she improvises on piano whilst artist Felipe Ignacio joins on electronics. Listen to their performance ‘Carilloffzz’, recorded at the Muziekgebouw in 2018, here:


Rewire x Korzo #19: Sosena Gebre Eyesus, Haron & Anne Veinberg takes place at Korzo on Friday 22nd January. Looking ahead, the next edition of Rewire x Korzo will take place on Saturday 27th February, with the line-up to be announced soon.