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Simple stuff: Loraine James interviewed by AQNB

With Rewire 2021 nearly here, British producer Loraine James sat down with Jared Davis from our media partner AQNB for a wide-ranging interview. Read the interview in full below, and check out some of James' music before she finally joins us in The Hague.

Having originally booked Loraine James for her Dutch debut at the cancelled Rewire 2020, we're thrilled that she will be joining us to perform live. With two outstanding LP's released on Hyperdub in the past 3 years, James truly is a rising star, and her performance is not to be missed. Get your tickets here:

"I’ve always thought something’s quite weird when my stuff gets called ‘club music’, because a lot of it isn’t. Even when For You and I came out and I was playing stuff, a lot of the stuff I couldn’t really play because it’s not like for the club. I’ve not played ‘Self Doubt’ yet because I’m not going to play it at a club. So a lot of songs kind of feel like they get left out in a lot of spaces I play, which is weird. That’s why I’m looking forward to Rewire, because the space is different so I can play the more ‘emotional’ songs."

Read the full interview with AQNB here.

Loraine James' album 'Reflection' was released earlier this year on Hyperdub to widespread critical acclaim. Stream the album in full here:

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