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'Scene Suspended' by Jon Hopkins


Hear a brand new piano composition from Jon Hopkins ahead of his two seated concert showings of ‘Polarity’, coming to the Zuiderstrandtheater in Scheveningen on Saturday 4 April during Rewire 2020.

“Scene Suspended” began as a spontaneous improvisation during a period of personal upheaval for the Royal College of Music-trained pianist and composer. The piece was recorded at London’s Air Studios and augmented with violin arrangements performed by Emma Smith.

“I’ve been craving a return to simplicity, to acoustic sound and to the instrument I grew up playing,” says Hopkins about “Scene Suspended”, which lands after “Luminous Spaces”, a collaboration with Kelly Lee Owens, and ‘Singularity’, Hopkins’ latest album, which features complex song structures that took nearly two years to complete.

‘Polarity’ tickets and show information

For ‘Polarity’, Hopkins returns to his classical roots and the instrument that started it all, playing grand piano for parts of the show alongside a small group of consummate musicians and long-time friends.

Watch the video for Scene Suspended:


The Zuiderstrandtheater in Scheveningen will host two performances of ‘Polarity’ on Saturday 4 April during Rewire 2020. Please noteJon Hopkins presents ‘Polarity’ isnotincluded in the Festival Pass. You will need to purchase an additional Plus Ticket (€15).

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