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Route Veering Voices

Become enchanted with the enduring power of the human voice

Honoring the earliest instrument known in history, Rewire 2023 spotlights an incredible array of artists that take the human voice to another level. Each of the artists in this festival route take an unique approach to processing the voice and expanding on its sonic possibilities as an instrument. 


Kick off your festival weekend by heading to Amare and immersing yourself in Lucy Liyou’s rich tapestries of sound that synthesises field recordings, text-to-speech readings, poetry, and elements from Korean folk opera into sonic narratives that explore the implications of Orientalism and westernisation.

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The day after, Lucy Liyou will join Hatis Noit and Pamela Z for the Veering Voices panel to further discuss and explore the timeless qualities of the human voice as a musical instrument. Later that day, the London-based Japanese vocal performer Hatis Noit will also share her distinctly modern and self-taught approach to vocal music on stage in Grote Kerk. Meanwhile, don’t miss out on Saturday's cinematic performance by Lucinda Chua, whose debut album YIAN is a powerful meditation on identity, love, grief and personal growth. 

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Just as intimate is Daniel Blumberg’s performance of GUT, an intensely personal piece of music performed solo in an intimate live environment. Led by his soaring vocals and supported by an exploratory palette of bass harmonica, Steinberger bass, and drum machine, Blumberg channels a unique inner world with unflinching emotional directness.

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Finish your festival experience on Sunday with Pamela Z’s performance of A Secret Code, showcasing her experimental extended vocal techniques, combined with operatic bel canto, found objects, text, and digital processing, all triggered through wireless MIDI controllers that allow her to manipulate sound with her physical gestures. And conclude your Rewire route with Ana Roxanne’s heartbreaking, poetic and near-ecstatic mixture of R&B and devotional music. 

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