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Pan Daijing to debut new live show at Rewire 2021

On the opening night of Rewire 2021, we're very excited to have Chinese-born, Berlin-based performance artist/composer Pan Daijing present a brand new live show entitled 'Half a Name: Act II'. Get to know some of her work before she joins us next week.

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Pan Daijing entertains refreshing, playful notions on creating and performing, notions that deviate from familiar, more accustomed forms. Take her project ‘Fist Piece’ for example, an expansion of her debut LP ‘Lack’, using that record as a source code to transmute her brazen ideas into disciplines as diverse as opera, film, stage acting and audiovisual installations. Daijing’s all-embracing disposition allows her to playfully prod at reality’s default states, frequently creating intrusive happenings that trigger the senses in novel ways. For the Rewire 2021 offline edition she presents 'Half a name: Act II', a new live performance based on her recent recording work.

There are still tickets available for the Rewire 2021 - offline edition, don't miss out and get yours here.

Check out her latest LP 'Jade', released in June via Berlin label PAN:

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Its nine tracks written and recorded over the last three years, “Jade” is the sound of solitary release and refuge, of creative self-sustenance. Written without the imperatives of direct address to performers or audience, “Jade” speaks inward, while inviting a kind of rhetorical listening.

Read Pitchfork's review of 'Jade' here.

Listen to her 2017 debut 'Lack', also released on PAN:

Listen on bandcamp

Catch Pan Daijing perform 'Half a Name: Act II' on the Friday night of Rewire 2021.