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Notions of Presence by Victória Mazzone

Rewire Reflections

Inspired by researcher and composer meLê yamomo's research on “sonus,” Notions of Presence by writer and researcher Victória Mazzone is a simple and humble attempt to poetically and directly incite a few moments of “nowness.” It’s a provocative appeal for the reader to pay attention to the here and now.



Victória Mazzone is an independent writer, researcher, and aspiring curator from São Paulo - Brazil. Her practice is primarily focused on the intersection(s) between political philosophy and speculative sonic studies. Her passion lies in the exploration of “impossible narratives", in the attempt of overcoming social and intellectual constructions coming from a long path of epistemic and colonial violence(s). She explores sound as a way to reinvent and intervene epistemology; as a tool to reach an alternative perspective of what the world is, or could be.