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'Nijimusi' by OOIOO


After a six year production hiatus, the fake band-turned-influential alternative rockers OOIOO (pronounced oh-oh-eye-oh-oh) are back with their eighth studio album! Out

Founded in 1995 by inspirational Boredoms drummer and multi-instrumentalist YoshimiO, the all-female Japanese quartet have turned the unconventional into an art form. From a discography that includes the pastoral sounds of ‘Gold and Green’, African inflections on ‘Taiga’ and Javanese gamelan music on ‘Gamel’, OOIOO have evaded classification to remain playfully irreverent and full of surprises.

Their latest record, ‘Nijimusi’, sees the band focus on standard rock instrumentation, recording with two guitars, bass, and drums, and treating their instruments simply as “objects that make sounds”. Taking a more primitive approach has nevertheless produced some truly OOIOO-like results. From the squealing, cymbal-crashing self-titled opener to the noodly event-score-referencing “walk for “345” minutes, while saying “Ah Yeah!” with a “Mountain Book” in one hand, until a shower of light pours down”, this isconventional rock made exquisitely unconventional!

We can’t wait to see what they’ll bring to Rewire 2020!

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