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Looking back at Radio WORM’s recordings at Rewire 2023

Over the four days of Rewire 2023, Radio WORM shed light on the behind-the-scenes by broadcasting live from the heart of the festival at The Grey Space in The Middle. Through these livestreams, Radio WORM captured the essence of the festival's interdisciplinary approach, focusing on the Rewire context programme Inter/relations and exhibition programme Proximity Music: Visceral Acts. This collaboration gave birth to an archive of recorded interviews, live streams, and insightful conversations, offering festival-goers and listeners a space for reflection and debate while bringing the artists’ practices into conversation with one another. 

Radio WORM Goes to Rewire

Radio WORM Goes to Rewire is an archive of reports and interviews broadcasted after the festival, such as live recordings from Horse Lords, recommendations by Aidan Girt on playing music, and an interview with Rewire's Young Artist in Residence No Plexus, Pamela Z, 33 (Alex Iezzi + Billy Bultheel), and many other artists. 

Listen to the Radio Worm Goes to Rewire recordings.

Proximity Music: Visceral Acts 

The Proximity Music: Visceral Acts exhibition explored the themes of health, sanity, and our changing relationship with the environment in a time of planetary crisis. The programme wants to connect various forms of knowledge, exploring the body, non-human entities, and technology while delving into the intersection of health, healing, art, and music. 

The series features, among others, Jeroen Alexander Meijer, whose large scale audiovisual environment developed in response to ADHD invites visitors to slow down and regenerate their capacity for attention, Matteo Marangoni and Dieter Vandoren who offered a space of contemplation by creating a sonic ecosystem challenging the boundaries between nature and technology. 

Listen to the Proximity Music and Inter/relations recordings.

Inter/relations context programme

Comprising two distinctive parts, namely Instrumental Ecologies and Times and Territories, Rewire 2023’s context programme aimed to foster dialogue among diverse artistic practices.  Through conversations, listening sessions and assemblies the program explored interconnected environments and sonic technologies, all the while questioning established boundaries and conventional linear concepts of time.

In this series of essays, interviews, audio contributions, and works of sonic fiction artists such as Carla J. Maier and Mark Peter discuss on how to listen more closely and collectively, while recalibrating our relations with our environment, while Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, explores how the role of temporality and spatiality, are fundamental for contemporary and experimental music and sound practices.

Listen to the Proximity Music and Inter/relations recordings.

Photo: Sean Charlton White