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Introducing: Pelada

Movement For Change

Chris Vargas and Tobias Rochman combine to potent effect as Pelada, the Montreal-based duo that bring a raw punk sensibility to the club setting. Their combination of rave synths, acid basslines, dembow rhythms and Chris Vargas’ aggressive, politically charged vocals were exhibited on their debut LP for Berlin label PAN this year, ‘Movimiento Para Cambio’. Get to know the duo before they bring their frenetic live show to Rewire 2020.

Released in October, ‘Movimiento Para Cambio’ radiates a strong political energy, as the due use music as a mechanism for delivering ideas central to their moral and political ethos. Chris Vargas explores themes of power, identity, surveillance and environmental justice throughout their vocals, whilst Tobias Rochman masterfully handles a number of different dancefloor styles, with nods to rave, acid and 90’s house. The record was very well received, with Resident Advisor including it amongst their top releases of 2019. Read the list here.

Stream ‘Movimiento Para Cambio’ in full via Bandcamp below:

Listen on bandcamp

Following the release, TANK magazine caught up with Pelada for an interview, with topics spanning the duo’s origins in Montreal and the political issues that inform their work. They also provided a mix, showcasing some of the influences on their sound, from rave and hard techno to hardcore punk.

Read TANK’s interview with Pelada’s Tobias Rochman here.

Listen to the mix here:


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