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Get acquainted with Dewa Alit’s contemporary take on gamelan music

Rewire is proud to present Indonesian composer Dewa Alit and his ensemble Gamelan Salukat for a unique concert of Alit’s gamelan music. Explore his distinct sound world during Rewire 2022 and get familiar with this highly esteemed musician through our special context programme.

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While he honours the rich traditions that lie at the roots of his unique gamelan music, Indonesian composer Dewa Alit doesn’t shy away from approaching this traditional instrument from a contemporary perspective. His gamelan music is not presented as something static and from the past, but as a set of concepts and principles that can be used to create something radically new. The resulting music — as heard on album Genetic (released on Oren Ambarchi’s Black Truffle label) — is something akin to a transformative experience. The complex rhythmic interactions, captivating tones and perplexing compositions can create an acoustic ensemble that sounds uncannily electronic.
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On Sunday 10 April, Dewa Alit and his ensemble Gamelan Salukat will perform the music of Genetic among other pieces for the first time outside of Bali. Preceding this exclusive concert is a special context programme in collaboration with composer Jonás Bisquert who will present a panoramic overview of the history of gamelan music, his own encounters with it and its current place in contemporary music worldwide. Next to his presentation Bisquert will interview gamelan composer Dewa Alit to further explore the sound world of a highly compelling composer with a distinctive craft. 

As Bisquert himself describes the creative process of Dewa Alit and his ensemble: “Dewa Alit and Gamelan Salukat rehearse contemporary repertoire the traditional way, in their Balinese home base. Rehearsal days don’t have a finishing time. Music is learnt by heart, repeated, adjusted for weeks, months. One day, it is performed. It sounds and looks perfect. No need for conductor, as communication between musicians is spotless. Had the concert taken place two weeks earlier or later, it would still sound and look perfect; just a bit different.”

Dewa Alit & Gamelan Salukat will perform on Sunday 10 April at 17:30 in Koninklijke Schouwburg.

The Gamelan context programme & interview with Dewa Alit, presented by Jonás Bisquert, will be held on Sunday 10 April 14:00 in West