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Bec Plexus is busy making steps


Amsterdam-based singer and composer Bec Plexus will be launching her debut album, ‘STICKLIP’, on Sunday 5 April at Rewire 2020. Check out a surrealist video for lead single ‘busy making steps’, created by new media artist and filmmaker Xuan.

Bec Plexus, real name Brechtje van Dijk, studied composition at the Conservatory of Amsterdam with Joël Bons and Richard Ayres. She’s written more than 60 works for over 200 performances in the years since. On ‘STICKLIP’, which will be released via New Amsterdam Records, more than 30 international artists spanning punk, jazz, musical theatre, electronic pop and contemporary music have come together to create this wondrous collection of confessional avant-electronica.

“‘busy making steps’ is the first single of ‘STICKLIP’, a record that serves as a confession booth,” says van Dijk. “I asked eight music friends what they wouldn’t dare to say out loud.”

‘busy making steps’ features jazz drummer Tristan Renfrow on percussion, with production from Australian modular synth specialist David Chesworth.

Watch busy making steps:


Bec Plexus performs on Sunday 5 April at Rewire 2020.

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