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Bbymutha releases 'Muthaleficent' EP


Famed for her myth-busting lyrics on sexuality, motherhood, and identity, Tennessee-based rapper and vocalist Bbymutha is one of underground hip hop’s most daring and admired new talents. Ahead of her much-anticipated performance at Rewire 2020, she has released a new EP ‘Muthaleficent’, which can now be streamed in full below.

Featuring guest appearances from Swerzie and Detroit-based rapper Zeelooperz, the 7-track EP sees Bbymutha explore familiar themes of motherhood and female empowerment with her rhymes. With dark, atmospheric production from regular collaborator Rock Floyd, the self-released EP follows on from 2019’s The Bastard Tapes Vol. 2, and gives a taste of what to expect from her long-awaited debut LP Muthaland. Stream ‘Muthaleficent’ in full below:


Bbymutha was interviewed by The Washington Post last year, where she delved into some of her motivations for making music, and how she challenges preconceptions of motherhood as an artist:

“When you get told so many times in your life after you have kids that it’s all you’re ever going to be. Because you have kids all you ever gonna be is a parent, all you ever going to be is a baby mama, ain’t nobody going to want to marry you because you have four kids. When you get tired of hearing that, you look at it and go “Damn, maybe that’s all that I am.” And I just kind of had to break myself out of that. I knew there were things that I wanted to do with my life and I wasn’t about to let the fact that I had kids stop me from doing it. So that’s why I chose the name.”

Read Bbymutha’s interview with The Washington Post here.

Catch Bbymutha performing on Friday 3 April at Rewire 2020.

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