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Research Nights: Through Sounds x Rewire

Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam

Thursday 28 March 2024 — 19:00

Through Sounds and Rewire invite you for an evening of listening, conversations and sharing. Nieuwe Instituut’s researcher Federica Notari and Rewire’s context curator Katía Truijen co-host an evening to explore how place, sound and community find each other through  networks of care/support, while also acknowledging the fragility of these temporalities and spaces. The evening marks the beginning of a series of interventions and an assembly that will take place as part of Rewire festival’s context programme on Friday April 5th. 

Invited guests are Ash Kilmartin (Radio WORM), Brandon LaBelle, Corecore (Tjobo Kho, Jan-Pieter 't Hart, Callum Dean), Golnoosh Heshmati (Khamoosh)

Through Sounds desires to expand and form connections between practitioners who approach sound, nightlife, the dance floor, radio, dancing and DJing. The research focuses on understanding sound as a practice and method; looking into the infrastructures, urban, financial, digital and social, that support the place-making of club culture, and  the socio-cultural fabric they continue to support and generate. Investigating how electronic music and nightlife can become ways in which we make place not in a way to overload the experience with things that it can’t support, designating it as a utopia or transcendence but understanding these sounds, cultures and places although fragile, as mediums through which to explore other ways of being, place making and coming together. 

Rewire is an annual international festival for adventurous music. Across four days from 4 - 7 April 2024, Rewire will return to The Hague with its thirteenth festival edition, bringing together a wide range of musical and interdisciplinary performances, specially commissioned works, club nights, installations, talks, screenings, and more. Following Rewire’s research lines Instrumental Ecologies and Times and Territories, the context programme in 2024 will focus on the social, creative, ecological and technological forms of intelligence that inform contemporary music and sound practices. In particular, the programme will explore the ways in which artists attune to local environments, while inviting listeners to recalibrate their relations with their surroundings. 

The collaborative evening is hosted under the program Research Nights. Research Nights are recurring events informed by emerging interests, ongoing investigations and lines of inquiry currently being explored within the Research team of the Nieuwe Instituut. In an intimate and collaborative setting, the public will gain insight into the various stages of projects and share ideas through dialogues, workshops, screenings or other experimental activities. During these evenings you are invited to contribute to collective forms of doing research.

Ash Kilmartin (Radio WORM)
Corecore (Tjobo Kho, Jan-Pieter 't Hart, Callum Dean)
Brandon LaBelle 
Golnoosh Heshmati (Khamoosh)
Hosted and moderated by Federica Notari and Katía Truijen 

Image by Céline Hurka