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Mohammad Reza Mortazavi & Burnt Friedman

Saturday, 30 March
Koorenhuis (zaal)

YEK is the latest collaborative endeavour of iconic German electronic musician Burnt Friedman. Having spent the better part of 30 years in pursuit of a sound that bears no connection to existing musical traditions and a practice rooted in unlearning, Friedman’s celebrated works pull apart the foundations of techno, dub, jazz, and world music. His counterpart in YEK is Iranian percussionist Mohammad Reza Mortazavi, a modern master of the tonbak and daf – traditional Persian hand drums – who harbours an extreme acoustic range and extravagant technique. Together, the duo embark on a euphoric, trance-inducing trip that marries timeless percussive sounds with flurries of melodic electronics in pitch-perfect harmony.