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presents Eyelidless

In the cracks that sprawl between electronic and analog music, visual art, and craft creation, Yamila dances on the edge of sound and conceptual heights. The Spanish composer, cellist, singer and producer will present ‘Eyelidless’ at Rewire 2021, a multidisciplinary performance. Decentralising the stage and the performing artist, the piece challenges the notion of the concert. The performance combines oneiric images from the artist’s imagination by playing pieces of her new album, and mysterious sonic landscapes. We will enter this performance by travelling through the archives of Yamila’s computer, passing through the nooks and crannies of her home to arrive at the point of ecstasy and disincarnation. In times of social isolation and tiresome repetition, ‘Eyelidless’ submerges the audience into the intimate and magical world of musical creation that hides in the cracks of the everyday — and indeed, transforms it, showing that art is not a luxury but a necessity.