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Combining the sensuality of contemporary R&B with the bravado of experimental electronic music, the British musician Tirzah is subtly pushing the sonic qualities of adventurous pop forward. Armed with a remarkably soothing voice, her enigmatic, down-to-earth vocals have proven to be the perfect combination for collaborators and bandmates Mica Levi and Coby Sey’s no frills-approach to song production. Following the off-kilter soul of her debut album Devotion, Tirzah doubles down on the synthetic textures of her music on Colourgrade, a more experimental album reminiscent of Inga Copeland and Dean Blunt. And yet, despite all the sonic experimentation, either on stage or in the studio, Tirzah’s signature heartthrob sentimentality continues to shine through.

Tirzah performs on Friday 8 April.