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Thor Magnusson

Symposium: Instrumental Shifts

Friday, 29 March

Dr. Thor Magnusson is Head of Music at the University of Sussex. His work focuses on the impact digital technologies have on musical creativity and practice, explored in particular through software development, composition and performance. Magnusson’s research is underpinned by the philosophy of technology and cognitive science, exploring issues of embodiment and compositional constraints in digital musical systems. In his opening address at the Instrumental Shifts Symposium, Magnusson will present his book, Sonic Writing, and examine how contemporary music technologies trace their ancestry to previous forms of instruments and media.

Instrumental Shifts Symposium

Taking place on Friday, 29 March, the Instrumental Shifts Symposium will explore new frontiers of computer science, music, and future technologies and is organised by The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision RE:VIVE initiative in collaboration with Rewire and hosted by West Den Haag. Admission is free, but registration is required.

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