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The Paper Ensemble & Ale Hop


World premiere

As an ongoing project from interdisciplinary artists Jochem van Tol and Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti, The Paper Ensemble uses the surprisingly versatile material of paper to build sonic worlds of paper sculptures, through which they challenge the borders of what we might define as an object, an image, or a (musical) sound. The Paper Ensemble has performed and exhibited extensively across the world, especially in Japan amongst artists like Yoko Ono, John Cage, and Yukio Fujimoto, and many others. During Rewire 2023, they are joined on stage by one-of-a-kind sound artist Ale Hop for a unique electro-acoustic musical exploration. Ale Hop came up in Lima’s experimental underground during the 2000s, and currently resides in Berlin, where she caught the attention of the city’s electronic scene, with her visceral live guitar performances. In her musical practice, she builds densely woven atmospheres by blending a complex repertoire of guitar techniques processed by synthesis devices, creating a music of deep physical intensity. The world premiere of this special performance sees a fascinating interplay between the organic/acoustic sound qualities that are a signature of The Paper Ensemble with the processed, noisy and highly textured electronic music of Ale Hop. Adding the percussive punctuations by Frank Rosaly and Paul Koek, this musical collaboration promises to deliver a sonic fabric woven from the smallest and softest sounds we can hear, in juxtaposition with the brutality of percussion and amplification.

Please note that the doors are closed after the first five minutes of The Paper Ensemble & Ale Hop's performance. After the start of the show, entry and exit are not permitted.

Sat 8 Apr
Korzo - Zaal