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world premiere

India-born and Italy-based musician, DJ, and producer Hazina Francia creates glassy experimental music under the name Tadleeh. Since debuting as Tadleeh on the Haunter Records’s adored forever compilation in 2019, she has released on labels Yegorka and INITIATION, and has been remixed by fellow Rewire 2024 act Crystallmess and Rewire 2023 alum Slikback. At the festival, Tadleeh presents her forthcoming album Lone (2024) live in full. Brimming with songs that touch on different genre stylings in fleeting ways – carrying away with them traces of ambient, dark wave, electronic, and even chamber pop – Lone, forthcoming on label YOUTH, is a treasure trove of glistening sounds: the delicacy of its soft pads and sung melodies melt seamlessly into its brooding bass drums, gnarling synths, and energetic club percussion. With a Lychian eeriness perforating its songs, Lone is an atmospheric marvel of production – its live iteration promises to be just as magnificently curious.

Fri 5 Apr
The Grey Space in the Middle - Basement