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Tactology Lab

Sounds Like Touch stimulates interdisciplinary co-creations and functions as a platform and springboard for artists and creators to experiment with physical forms and ways of interaction with technology. Together with them, we aim to develop and encourage a tangible and accessible practice of the electronic performing arts. The creative processes and the results of Lab 2 will be presented at the festival. Sounds Like Touch is carried out by creatives and is generously funded by the Municipality of Utrecht and Cultuur Innovatiefonds Utrecht.

Participating artists are Elsa van der Linden, Jaromir Mulders, Saskia de Vries, Daniel Cross, Owen Storni, Noor Sanders, Myra-Ida van der Veen, Niels Dielen, Kaylie Kist, Pierre Estourgie, Ineke Vermeulen and Michelle Vossen.

Photo by Quinten Swagerman.

Tactology Lab takes place on Saturday 9 April.