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Billowing, cascading, droning excellence douses the music of SUNN O))). For 25 years, Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson have been titans of experimental drone and doom metal, drenching audiences all over the world in their tremorous, muck-encrusted tones – they have returned to their original form as a duo for their recent performances. The acclaimed group, who have done memorable collaborations with artists such as Scott Walker, Boris, Ulver, and Merzbow, perform their Rewire debut at Rewire 2024. SUNN O))) – adorned in robes before their mountainous guitar stacks – perform with a ritualistic and foreboding energy, conjured up by the seismic frequencies of their crunchy, battering, distorted guitars. Spending time in their sonic world of abyssal feedback and subterranean palpitations reveals a meditative strength to the music. Amidst the cacophony is clarity, creativity, and an abundance of nuance and inventiveness. In a way that could be described as religious, their drones cause cataclysmic vibrations and alterations – not only in the structural joints of whatever venue they’re performing in, but also in the minds and bones of their audience. SUNN O))) perform at Rewire as a duo immersed in profound valve amplification, spectral harmonics, distortion, and volume. Prepare for a live experience of physical sound, fog, and glacial maximalism like no other, also: bring earplugs to withstand their ancient riffs, distortion, and immense sound structures.

*This concert features high noise levels

Sun 7 Apr