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Steve Gunn & David Moore

The worlds of guitarist and vocalist Steve Gunn and pianist and composer David Moore collided when Moore, the mastermind behind Bing & Ruth, worked on a remix of Steve Gunn’s Reflection. Gunn’s latest album Other You (2021) is a pleasantly contemplative piece of music, that feels like watching a sunset disappear beneath an urban horizon. In the remix, Moore’s minimalist sensibilities stretch out Gunn’s beautiful melancholy and turn his music into smokey, neon-drenched late-night bar music. It was the starting point for a more in-depth collaboration that resulted in an upcoming album and a live performance during Rewire 2023, where the guitar virtuosity of Gunn interacts with the electroacoustic minimalism of Moore.

Steve Gunn & David Moore perform on Sunday 9 April.

Sun 9 Apr
Nieuwe Kerk