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Stephanie Pan & Ensemble Klang

present Have Robot Dog, Will Travel

Performing on Friday 3 April.

Sitting between theatre performance, experimental art and musical improvisation is the work of The Hague-based vocalist, composer and multi-instrumentalist Stephanie Pan. As a classically trained singer, her voice is visceral and intense, with a vast range that she often explores to the limits. Breaking boundaries in pursuit of a pure form of communication is another central theme to Pan’s multidisciplinary work. At Rewire 2020 she will present her latest project, ‘Have Robot Dog, Will Travel’, with the support of The Hague’s Ensemble Klang, a group of versatile and virtuosic players who perform without a conductor on brass, guitar, percussion and keys. This live show brings together Klang’s lush sound with Pan’s unique voice and lo-fi electronics from a range of hardware. ‘Have Robot Dog, Will Travel’ is an ode to abstraction, to ambiguity, to words unsaid.