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Stephanie Pan & Ensemble Klang

The Art of Doing Nothing: a feminist manifesto

Stephanie Pan is a The Hague–based voice artist, composer, performer, and interdisciplinary maker who will be presenting her latest work The Art of Doing Nothing: a feminist manifesto (2024),  a collaboration with Ensemble Klang. Ensemble Klang delivers complex music that channels virtuosic accuracy and musical risk-taking. They are: Saskia Lankhoorn on keys and backing vox, Pete Harden on guitar, Anton van Houten on trombone, Erik-Jan de With and Michiel van Dijk on saxes, and Joey Marijs on percussion.The Art of Doing Nothing is a performative music piece that dives into themes such as doubt, vulnerability, and intuition. The piece takes an anti-rationalist approach, grounding itself in soft, “feminine” qualities like vulnerability and emotionality. It celebrates intuitive choices and the transformative processes that can happen when one is lost. In this glorious space of “not knowing,” the performers present a sonic roller-coaster that moves through dramatic song, delicate soundscapes, no-wave saxophone chaos, drones and ritualistic feedback, post-punk noise, and pounding tekno beats.

*This is a seated concert

Sat 6 Apr
Theater aan het Spui - Zaal 1