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Stephan Meidell

present Metrics

Saturday, 7 April

Stephan Meidell is Norwegian guitarist and composer who fearlessly ventures into the unknown, using improvisation as a trusted guide. His music exists where genres dissolve, harnessing the guitar as a catalyst for electronic manipulations with sound and a harmonic core to which other elements gravitate. At Rewire 2018, Stephan Meidell conjures his latest album Metrics to life with the help of a full ensemble. Comprising musicians from a wide array of backgrounds, including Norwegian folk music, improvised and contemporary music, baroque and jazz, they create an intricately woven sound universe that unites chamber music, sound art and techno.


Stephan Meidell – guitars and electronics
Magda Mayas – prepared piano
Benedicte Maurseth – hardanger fiddle
Morten Barrikmo – clarinets
Lars Henrik Johansen – harpsichord
Thorolf Thuestad – sound

Stephan Meidell presents Metrics is supported by Music Norway, Bergen Barokk and Bergen Kommune.