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Soundwalk Collective & Patti Smith


World premiere

For its 2023 edition, Rewire is proud to present the world premiere of Correspondences, the result of an ongoing collaborative project and conversation between Soundwalk Collective and legendary artist, poet and performer Patti Smith that has spanned over 10 years and across multiple geographies, uncovering the sonic steps left by poets, film makers, revolutionaries and extraordinary events that have taken place in specific locations.

Soundwalk Collective’s founder Stephan Crasneanscki has explored remote places all over the world to record and collect extensively in order to establish a sonic grammar that is underpinned by instrumental experimental compositions. All in the effort to create a musical space for Patti Smith to inhabit with her own poetry and voice. This ongoing resonance between the artists is expanded by ample studio recordings and experiments.

Following their inaugural performance of Perfect Vision in Centre Pompidou, this new and evolved show features visuals by filmmaker Pedro Maia, and will be performed by Soundwalk Collective’s Stephan Crasneanscki and Simone Merli, Patti Smith, Diego Espinosa Cruz Gonzalez, Lucy Railton and Nicolas Becker. 

Please note that for Soundwalk Collective & Patti Smith an additional Plus Ticket is required. You have to exchange your e-Plus Ticket for a wristband at our Info & Ticket Centre at The Grey Space In The Middle.

Soundwalk Collective & Patti Smith perform on Sunday 9 April.

Sun 9 Apr
Amare - Danstheater