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Slikback x Weirdcore


The subversive visuals of Weirdcore are a thrilling match for Slikback, a prolific and omnivorous musician who has emerged as one of the most exciting club artists from East Africa in recent years. Known for his dark sound design and mischievous approach to sampling and composition, Slikback has found a terrific aesthetic mold for his unique fusion of contemporary club styles like techno, dubstep, jungle, breakbeat, footwork, trap and drill.

London-based visual designer Weirdcore also knows how to bend genres and styles in his own visually unique ways. For over 15 years he’s collaborated with a huge range of daring contemporary artists, creating mind-bending technology-driven videos and boggling tour visuals. Together, the duo will present the world premiere of a brand new audiovisual performance called VOID.

Slikback x Weirdcore perform on Friday 8 April.

VOID is curated by Unsound, commissioned by Rewire, Donaufestival, Unsound