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Simo Cell


world premiere

Rising to fame through beloved releases on iconic Bristol label Livity Sound, Simo Cell has been a fixture of club music for nearly 10 years. At Rewire 2024, he performs live for the very first time ever. With a desire to prove himself as more than just a bass producer, his recent debut album Cuspide Des Sir​è​nes (2023) built a colourful world of diverse sounds and concepts, taking inspiration from the ways video games offer a sense of place through their music and storytelling. “I'm considered a club producer,” he says in an interview with Sound of Life, “so I was looking for a way to keep that identity . . . but at the same time bring a full story and a concept . . .” Among dubby forays into ambient realms, Simo Cell’s signature club sounds cut through the album: juke rhythms and inventive vocal manipulations are splattered above sweltering layers of bass. Produced during lockdown, the album has an inward-looking and solitary energy, but for his world premiere live show, Simo Cell promises a club-oriented experience that will revel in the conviviality of dance music – like being bound with others through the shared joy of movement as the ground shakes beneath you all.

Sat 6 Apr