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Radiophrenia is an art radio station, the station aims to promote radio as an art form, encouraging challenging and radical new approaches to the medium. Rewire have teamed up with Radiophrenia to stream a selection of their commissioned radio works from their vast back catalogue to show a broad range of radio possibilities. The works to be streamed during the festival include:

Anna Friz - How To Pack A Whale
Diacoustics - The Emptiness Of Sound
Andreas Oskar Hirsch - Early Carbophonics 
Stuart Gurden -
Area On Tape On Energy
Catriona Shaw - Ariel Holding Hands
Sarah Angliss - Signalman
Jason Lescalleet - Sketching An Arc
Doog Cameron - The Ongoing Drain Of The Fight Between The Wild And The Tame
Sisters Akousmatica - NM, SK
KLAYSSTAR - Faux Départ 5
Isabelle Stragliati - Nothing Here Now But - A Tribute To Elaine
Jess Worrall & Rob Kennedy - The Three Ring Circus Comes To Town
Allan Whyte & Louise Wilson - Obligate
Alicia Matthews - Click Bait
Kari Robertson - Glass Enclosed
Rena Anakwe - From My Window: Dreams, Hopes and Disappointments
Double Goocher Shop (Renato Grieco & MP Hopkins) - Radio Carrion
Nwando Ebizie - Fire Prevention Or How to sing a labyrinth Or The rebeing and the burning of the labyrinth
Ashanti Harris - OHCE
Mark Lyken - Borrowed View
DJ أمواج a.k.a. Aki Onda - Ghost Frequency
Oor_Scintilla - unknown thirds