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Paul Purgas

Exploring the intersections of sound, technology, and culture, Paul Purgas — a founding member of Emptyset alongside James Ginzburg — is an artist, musician, and curator known for his immersive soundscapes that blend traditional instruments with electronic manipulation and modular synthesis. With Tape Music, Purgas explores the past and future of analogue tape composition. Inspired by the traditions of musique concrète and the experimental output of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop with reel-to-reel tape machines, alongside the avant-garde cybernetic music compositions of David Tudor, this performance incorporates tape systems and feedback loops in order to mirror biological principles through sound. Developed with the UK organisation Supersonic, the project takes a contemporary reflection on these archaic machines, exploring how current forms of digital technology can reanimate these historic techniques, offering new sonic possibilities and enabling a return to the elegance and tactile nature of tape composition.

All concerts in Korzo are seated. Make sure to come on time to secure a spot.

Sat 8 Apr
Korzo - Studio