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Panel: Reflection on Ritual

With Brandon LaBelle, Momtaza Mehri and Kristin Norderval


At Rewire 2022, RITUAL invites you into an experimental series that explores the many different elements that form a ritual. Rituals, as symbolic acts, represent and pass on the values and orders on which a community is based. While often described as spiritual and transcendent, they equally ground us into our daily lives and help us connect with our surroundings, each other, and ourselves.Through a sequence of collaborations with artists on themes such as Attention, Resonance, Technology, Healing, Reverberations and Closure, RITUAL will serve as an entry into collectivity and cohesion. On Sunday 10 April, curators Jo Kali and Katía Truijen will lead a conversation and listening session together with artist and writer Brandon LaBelle, poet Momtaza Mehri (remote) and composer and performer Kristin Norderval.