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Pak Yan Lau


Born in Belgium, with roots in Hong Kong, and now based in Brussels, Pak Yan Lau is a sound artist, improviser, musician, and composer, who has developed over the years a rich, dense, and captivating sound universe from prepared pianos, toy pianos, synths, electronics, and various sound objects. Skilfully blending electro-acoustic approaches, she explores sound in a bewitching way, merging different sound sources with poetry, magic, and finesse. During Rewire 2023, alongside her ensemble, consisting of Vera Cavallin, Giovanni Di Domenico, João Lobo, and Theo Lanau, Pak Yan performs a live rendition of her recent album Bakunawa (2021), delving and digging deep into the sound spectrum of detuned toy pianos, second-hand gong rods, prepared harp, metal tubes, and ring modulators. Instruments were searched for, collected, and bought worldwide: on Japanese street markets, in second hand stores in Brussels, from dedicated Ebay sellers, and from the cellar of Musica Impulse Centre in Neerpelt. The result is a piece both rich in harmonic textures of rather unconventional instruments, shaping an immersive piece of enthralling sonic details.

Bakunawa is a co-production of STUK, nona & Cortizona.

This project performs during Rewire 2023 with the support of Flemish Arts Centre de Brakke Grond, VierNulVier & STUK.

All concerts in Korzo are seated. Make sure to come on time to secure a spot.