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IDM meets the rougher edges of club music in the distinctive sound world of US-born producer Osheyack. An integral member of Shanghai’s burgeoning electronic music scene that centres around ALL Club, Osheyack is a shining example of the new hybrid form of club music, hailing from pioneering labels like SVBKVLT. His intense electronic music fuses techno, gabber, ambient, and drone, and combines perplexing sound design with destabilising percussion and tectonic bass. The result seems to capture the confusing state of being terminally online – as demonstrated on his recent album Intimate Publics (2022) – and the desire to break free from bodily and societal constraints. There’s a merciless intensity to Osheyack’s music, but listen closely through the chaos and noise and you can feel the urgency and immediacy that radiates from his revelatory dance music.

Co-presented by Carhartt WIP

Sat 8 Apr