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Open Call for Sound & Radio Works

This year, Rewire has broken away from its traditional festival format, and with it, the discourse programme’s Open Call - which usually asks for creative texts and essays - has also adapted. For our May 2021 edition, Rewire sought soundscapes, spoken word pieces, radio experiments, found sound, innovative approaches to drama and documentary, and radical and challenging new programme ideas. With over 400 excellent submissions it was a very difficult task, but below you can find the final selection: 

Dominic Jaeckle & Nadia de Vries - Verse & Chorus 
Jake Muir - Cloister 
Magz Hall -
Waves of Resistance 
Anna Friz & Emmanuel Madan -
The Joy Channel 
Connie Zheng -
Soil Trance
Martyna Basta - Trace
Viv Corringham - Shadow-walks 
Dorothy Santos -
Remembering The Pulse 
Francis Sosta -
RITUAL /POLITICAL #2 interview w/ Franco 'Bifo 'Berardi'