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Oceanic & Ensemble Klang

A Sonically Open CIty

Job Oberman, the Dutch producer better known as Oceanic, navigates between house, techno and ambient to create evocative music that sits comfortably between intimate sonic expressions and trailblazing club jams. ‘A Sonically Open City’ is his first collaboration with The Hague-based Ensemble Klang, a collection of iconoclastic musicians that playfully subvert expectations of a classical ensemble.

Oceanic and Ensemble Klang have spent 2021 moving around the city of The Hague, filming and recording their interactions with its sound world: forests, beaches, highways, factories and many other sonic sources have been brought into the fold, resulting in ‘A Sonically Open City’, a brand new, 50-minute work that spans multiple genres, embracing various forms of music-making and a multitude of influences. Taken as a whole, the work forms a profile of The Hague, celebrating the diversity of its landscapes and natures, and charting the breadth of activity that continues to take place within it.

Oceanic & Ensemble Klang will perform on Sunday 10 April