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No Plexus

No Plexus, an electronic duo comprising of Bec Plexus and No Compliments, create and perform experimental electronic music that is conceptual, through-composed, and genre-defying. They embody art-school misfits, unapologetically executing their own creative vision in everything they do. Projecting out-there club music through an art-pop lens, the music of No Plexus is vibrant, audacious, and bewildering. During Rewire 2021, they presented the visual album Manicurism, a jolting work of intense music and choreographed film, shot entirely with racing drones. No Plexus are Rewire’s Young Artist in Residence for 2023 and 2024, during which they will even further hone in on their craft and develop new music and live performances. During Rewire 2023, they’ll perform alongside the celebrated stage and light designer Emmanuel Biard, who’s known for his stage and lighting design for Evian Christ’s performance at Rewire 2022 and Lotic's performance at Rewire 2019.