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Invisible Gestures, First Encounter: Zangbeto

Melika Ngombe Kolongo, known by her alias Nkisi, explores the sonic resonances between traditional rhythms, hard European dance tropes, and synthesizer melodies. Her intricate sound worlds channel African cosmology through a dazzling array of contemporary club styles like gqom, juke, grime and techno. Combining sweeping polyrhythms with a keen ear for distinctive sound design, her animated electronic music reaches ecstatic heights, as witnessed on her LP 7 Directions, released on Lee Gamble’s UIQ label. During Rewire, Nkisi presents a new A/V performance, focussing on the gestural world of spiritual guardians called the Zangbeto.

Presented in collaboration with Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond.

Nkisi will perform on Saturday 9 April.