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Poetry, Presence and Empowerment

New Emergences Panel

Recurring The Hague lecture and discussion series New Emergences hosts a panel discussion with festival artists AGF, Kubra Khademi and Moor Mother entitled Poetry, Presence and Empowerment.

New Emergences is a recurring lecture and discussion series highlighting the current debates around gender in electronic contemporary music and sound art. At Rewire 2017, New Emergences presents its seventh edition, inviting festival artists AGF, Kubra Khademi and Moor Mother. Born on three different continents, these artists developed their respective artistic languages in environments that, at first glance, couldn’t seem more different from each other. On this occasion Rewire visitors can meet three exceptional artists who will come together to discuss issues based on their embodied experience of engendering poetry with activism. How poetry can empower identity, occupying a much needed platform for under-voiced artists and disengaged communities. They will bring their potency for language and expression to discuss the power of speaking up and making people listen, and the effects of being heard.